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Puzzledorf is a block-pushing, Sokoban-style puzzle game where you must escape the land of puzzles. With subtle twists on the Sokoban formula, it's up to you to venture through the different worlds of Puzzledorf and find your way out.

Push the right coloured block onto the right coloured cross (colour-blind options available). There are also grey boulders which are obstacles.

Puzzledorf is currently out on Steam and Atari VCS, with a demo on Xbox. It will soon be coming to Nintendo Switch and Xbox.

This Wiki is for the Puzzledorf video game and is still under construction. Officially started by the developer, SPG Games, this is a community Wiki, open for anyone to contribute, so long as it is in a positive and meaningful way.



Christmas Demo

Title Info[]

  • Name: Puzzledorf
  • Developer: SPG Games (Stuart's Pixel Games)
  • Genre: Block-pushing puzzle
  • Release: 31 August, 2021
  • Price: $9.99 USD
  • No. of Players: 1
  • Engine: Unity
  • Rating: E for Everyone
  • Press Kit: IndieDB
  • Website: Puzzledorf.com


  • Steam - 31 August, 2021
  • Atari VCS - 4 August, 2023
  • Xbox - TBA: Demo available
  • Nintendo Switch - TBA